Guide to Terme di Saturnia – Visit Cascate del Mulino in Tuscany, Italy

Guide to Terme di Saturnia – Visit Cascate del Mulino in Tuscany, Italy

Cascate del Mulino is an extraordinary waterfall on a hot spring in the village Saturnia (Grosseto), in the beautiful region of Tuscany in Italy. The place became incredibly popular thanks to pictures popping up on social medias in the past years. We also gave in to its vogue and decided to visit it during our month long road trip in Europe. The waterfall with its milky blue waters is widely known as Terme di Saturnia and information we found before we visited was very confusing. That’s why in this guide we’ve gathered all the information you might need before visiting the natural wonder Terme di Saturnia. And yes- Cascade del Mulino are naturally formed baths with therapeutic properties.

Cascate del Mulino

  • First things first : the famous spot you see in all of influencers pages are actually NOT Terme di Saturnia. The waterfall is called Cascate del Mulino. Terme di Saturnia are a luxury hotel & SPA located next door.
  • The cascades are public & open year round.
  • The access is FREE (the parking is also free).
  • There are no opening hours; you can visit at any time during the day & night.
  • In the summer at 6 AM the terme are already crowded. It leaves little space by 7 AM already.
  • Loads of people camp in their tents on the field across the waterfall.
  • It might be possible to stay for free overnight in your campervan or a car on the parking lot.
  • The water has stable temperature of 37,5 celsius which is very pleasant, and not too hot.
  • There are no showers or fresh water source near the cascades.
  • The smell is not as bad as some say (we were not disturbed at all).
  • People unfortunately disrespect the place and throw garbage everywhere around the natural pools (you can find beer bottles even in the water).
  • The pools are very shallow (max mid calf).
  • The water has therapeutic properties, but can feel a bit gross.
  • It’s a cool place to come & relax, but be aware it will always be crowded!

Is it worth it?

Cascate del Mulino is a really cool place to visit. The natural hot pools are in the middle of Tuscany and on top of that have free access year round. Therefore, if you are in the area, come to relax at sunrise and take advantage of the therapeutic waters.

However we cannot imagine spending more than 1 hour there. At 7 AM the place is already full. People are loud and disrespectful. We saw plastic all around the pools and even some bottles found their way into the water.

It is an incredibly beautiful and picture-perfect place. However once again, we feel that another natural paradise has been ruined by people. We hope this guide to the “Terme di Saturnia” will help you enjoy this very special place.

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  • Emma

    What year was this? I want to tent camp there but unsure if it’s allowed

    • martynabudna

      Hi Emma,
      We visited twice, last time in August 2022 and camping was allowed. However it might have changed since then.

  • Gail Jerideau

    I want to stay at BNB near hot springs that are more private.

    • Voyage In Style

      Hey Gail, That would be a dream to have you (semi) private hot spring wouldn’t it !! Maybe in Iceland you can find your dream BNB 🙂
      Happy travels !

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