7 Most important sites of Venice – Queen of the Adriatic

7 Most important sites of Venice – Queen of the Adriatic

Venice is one of the most unique places in the world. Canals instead of streets, boats instead of cars, warm people, delicious cuisine and one-of-the-kind atmosphere. Recognised for its beautiful architecture and style, Venice aka “La Serenissima” is often called the most romantic city in the world. And for all the right reasons! Discover in this article, Venice 7 most important sites and other things not to miss.

Grand Canal, its beautiful architecture, and iconic gondolas.

Venice is a fairly small city and you can visit it within a few days, or even during a day trip- like we did. A fast train from either Milan or Rome takes only 2 hours to reach Venice- and it arrives in the centre of this marvellous city.

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Our Lunch view from the side of Grand Canal.

1. Cross the Ponte Di Rialto

The oldest bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice. Ponte Di Rialto is one of the most famous sites in Venice but beware of the crowd during the day. The views of & from the bridge are stunning. This a great place to get the perfect picture.

Over the Ponte di Rialto, enjoying the view on the boats and the sun

2. Navigate the Grand Canal

Hundreds of canals connect Venice and the largest of them is the Canale Grande. It meanders through the city from one end and to the other in a big S shape, giving space to gondolas and bigger boats to navigate.

The buildings on both side of the canal date from the 13th century and since then, the Grand Canal has been serving as an important waterway in the city.

Gondolas is to Venice what cheese is to France.

3. Take a spin on the Saint Mark’s square

St Mark’s Square is the most famous piazza of Venice, one of the most unique spots in the world and a truly spectacular place to visit. The square is located on the Grand Canale and it regroups some of Venice most important sites such as the Saint Marco Basilica, the Campanile (bell tower) and the Palazzo Ducale.

Saint Mark's Square & basilica, perfect stage for a spin

4. Visit the St. Mark’s Basilica

Definitely the most famous building in Venice, St. Mark’s Basilica is a sublime piece of architecture created in 1092. It has been standing for over 10 centuries and remains one of the most important religious buildings in the world. You can visit parts of the cathedral for free, but it’s forbidden to take pictures or videos inside. From the top of the cathedral, you have a great view of the entire square. Be aware of the long queues to enter and try to arrive as early as possible to avoid a few hours of waiting. 

Magnificient St Mark's Basilica being renovated, one of Venice most important sites.

5. See Palazzo Ducale and the Bridge of Sights

Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale in Italian) is also an iconic part of St. Mark’s Square but it faces out, onto the Grand Canal. Its front facade features beautiful arcs made of white stone with series of diamond patterns on the walls. This building, full of incredible art, is also an important structure with an interesting past. Criminals used to be sentenced and jailed between its walls. According to the legend, the prisoners were led from the Palace after trial, through the bridge on its side and allowed a last glimpse at Venice- that why the bridge was named Bridge of Sights

Note : The entrance fee is 20 EUR

6. San Marco Campanille

The bell tower, tallest structure in Venice, reaches almost a 100m high. The tower visible today is a reconstruction, as the original collapsed in 1902. The first one was created in the 9th century and was used as a watch tower. The view from the top of the Campanille is astonishing, but the queue can reach hundreds of meters long.

San Marco Campanille next to the beautiful St Mark Square, parts of Venice most important sites

7. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Sitting on the opposite side of St. Marks Square, across the Grand Canal, the stunning architecture of the Basilica will attract your attention. Designed in baroque style, this church was completed in 1687 and is designated as a minor basilica of the Roman Catholic Church.

To reach it you can take a vaporetto or a water taxi. It is not complicated to reach it and as one of Venice most important sites, don’t forget about it.

Martyna Touristing from a gondola.

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