The Dead Sea: All You Need to Know

The Dead Sea: All You Need to Know

The Dead Sea is the lowest point of earth at 430 m below sea level. It is a mysterious looking lake of beautiful waters with salt crystals sticking out of it and is the saltiest lake in the world. The Dead Sea will be on your way while visiting Jordan, either during a road trip, or as your main destination.

The Dead Sea is a calm lake... maybe too calm.

Here are few facts you might be interested in:

  • The salinity is so high, that it’s impossible to drown and your body simply floats on the surface.  
  • The Dead Sea is actually a lake, as its not connected to any oceans, only the Jordan river.
  • The lake is so salty because when the water floods in, like rain, it has no way out and is trapped. From there on there’s only one way out: evaporation.
  • Its name comes from the Roman Era. Already back then people were struck with how the waters were devoided of any lifeform.
  • In the middle of the Dead Sea is set the border between Israel and Jordan.
  • The hyper salty waters and mineral rich mud have many health benefits.
Salt crystals are visible on the banks and in the lake itself.
It is actually hard to reach the bottom of the water, we never felt as light

Where to Stay

You can pick differently priced hotels. We recommend staying at Marriott, where we spend our last afternoon in Jordan. The sunset the views from the beautiful infinity pool is breathtaking and the service was really good.

We stayed for 1 night in Hilton Hotel, but experience was not worth the price. Especially as the pool and the beach area were ridiculously crowded with people coming from Amman just for a day. (The mud provided and service that goes with it was of better quality in Hilton that being said)

Note : Wondering what else to do in Jordan ? Read our Jordan Travel Guide – A 4-Day trip !

Marriot hotel's infinity pool, to sip a cocktail and admire the view.
The Sun set from the infinity pool of the Marriot hotel

Fun Tip

Cover your whole body and face with mud and let it dry for 15 minutes in the sun. Walk in the water and wash off the mud. Stay there for 10 minutes. Your skin will feel incredibly soft.

Important : If you have any open wounds or scratches, the water will disinfect them, but will burn. Very much. Tested ✓.

Pactical Infos

Dead Sea is only one hour drive from Amman and the road is excellent. We recommend controlling your speed as there are many speed bumps and speed controls on this part of the road. Also, it gets pretty hot down there, the lowest point on earth, don’t forget to pack water.

Did you know that only 30 min away is the 500 Million years old Wadi Mujib Canyon? Check it out, it’s super fun!

From Amman to the Dead Sea, the road is already beautiful

Hotels on the Dead Sea

Most Hotels are located on the north east side of the lake, next to the little city of Sweimeh, ideally located 50min away from Amman airport. You’ll find range of prices, but note that not all the hotels have an actual beach, and they might not even be on the shore at all.

Find all the hotels on the Dead Sea on

We recommend: Dead Sea Marriott Resort & SpaHilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa

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