Into Wadi Mujib: The Prehistorical Canyon

Into Wadi Mujib: The Prehistorical Canyon

Only 30 minutes by car from your hotels on the Dead Sea, a 500 million old canyon comes into sight. This incredible Nature Reserve is called Wadi Mujib and is a super fun activity of hiking and swimming in Jordan’s most famous River Canyon.

The adventure takes about 2-3 hours and you can do it on your way to Petra, or on the way back to Amman.

TIP : Park your car at the parking lot and change into swimwear. There aren’t any restrictions for swimwear for woman, and as you’ll be wearing a life vest most of your body will be covered anyway.

What You Need to Know

Life vests are included in the price of the ticket and are mandatory. Water shoes are mandatory as well. But if you didn’t bring any, you can rent them for small fee at the entrance.

You don’t need to join any group, you can just start the hike by yourself following the signs on the rocks. Depending of the season and amount of rain there was previous weeks, some trails can be closed. At the time of our travel, only the main trail was open and it was a thrilling and refreshing adventure nonetheless. It costed us 21 JOD (26 EUR) each. Some trails can take up to 7hours and will cost you 45 JOD (56 EUR) including a guide.

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You should be in good physical condition to do this activity. You will be going mainly upstream! There are some parts were you must have enough strength to pull yourself holding to ropes for safety, walking on slippery rocks and fighting against the current. Or even climbing a ladder under a small but powerful waterfall. ???

Note : There are lifeguards at all the most complicated parts to assist you if needed! However, we do not recommend going after a rainy day as the current will be at its strongest. And if you feel like taking off your lifejacket for a picture, be sure to be safe and secure first, please.

What to Bring

If you have a waterproof backpack, bring a bottle of water and a small towel. Otherwise attach the Go Pro camera to your life vest so it’s easy reachable when you want to use it… and go for it!

Swimming in a 500 million years old canyon is an unforgettable experience. If you like adventure like us, make it a must stop in Jordan. Wadi Mujib Canyon is super fun, affordable and a good exercise! A much needed refreshment from the 40°C of the Dead Sea road.

More info about Wadi Mujib.

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