Best Food Spots of Tulum Beach

Best Food Spots of Tulum Beach

Food in Tulum is one of the best we had in our life’s. Above all the fresh ingredients, talented cooks and unique atmosphere take the whole dining experience to another level. Here are our favorite and best food spots in Tulum.

Best Food Spots of Tulum

1 – 💵 ↬ 10-30 EUR/p
2 – 💵 💵 ↬ 30-50 EUR/p
3 – 💵 💵 💵 ↬ 50-70 EUR/p

Breakfast spots

1. Matcha Mamma : 💵

This small hut on the side of the road is insta famous for a reason. The super cute swings instead of chairs and delicious and simply beautiful smoothie bowls make it a great breakfast spot (and you can get few cute pictures at the same time).

2. Raw Love Tulum : 💵

Tucked away between the jungle and the beach you’ll find one of the healthiest spots in Tulum. Raw Love serves only fresh, vegan and gluten free food. Enjoy your acai bowl sitting in a hidden garden full of palm shade. 

3. Mezzanine Hotel : 💵 💵

Hands down- the best breakfast food we have ever had. It’s been few months and we still tell each other on a random moments „Ohh do you remember that delicious jam in Mezzanine at breakfast?”

The hotel is located on the way to Tulum Ruins therefor its a perfect place for breakfast on the way back after morning sightseeing.

Lunch spots

1. Ojo del Agua : 💵

A great place for light lunch. All the dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients. Great choice of juices, salads and sandwiches. Everything is very instagramable. 

Update : We originally recommended one Ojo de Agua located on Tulum Beach, but it has since been closed permanently… The one we link to is in Tulum city and we heard it wasn’t bad either, but we didn’t test it personally.

2. Coco Tulum : 💵 💵

Famous spot where you can snack tacos swinging right on the beach.

3. Villa Pescadores : 💵 💵

This ocean front restaurant is affordable and the food is absolutely delicious. We highly recommend ordering their ceviche paired with local beers. 

Dinner spots

1. Arca Tulum : 💵 💵 💵

This restaurant offers a truly special dining experience in a wild jungle setting, serving amazingly fresh, flavorful and locally sourced food. The decor is fantastic with long wooden tables, a pretty black-and-white tiled bar, lush foliage, romantic torches & candles everywhere. Arca’s tropical garden setting is just Tulum magic at its best.

2. Hartwood : 💵 💵 💵

Opened in 2010 by a New York chef this restaurant offers sustainable cooking with food from local Yucatán ingredients. In this al fresco restaurant, framed by palm trees, everything is cooked over open fire. Vibrantly colored dishes with fresh Mayan flavors, served in a lush environment with a relaxed vibe makes it a must restaurant experience while in Tulum.

3. Kitchen Table : 💵 💵 💵

This restaurant was designed to have minimal ecological impact and is totally integrated with the forest surroundings. Furthermore, unlike in other restaurants, the kitchen staff at The Kitchen Table prepares fresh, local ingredients in full view of the customers. Do not miss the Vegetable Tempura tacos and Pan-roasted Octopus.


  • Only few places in Tulum accept credit cards. Make sure you have plenty of cash with you when staying at Tulum Beach. However, if you run of our cash, even if the sign says cards are not accept, ask if you can pay by card anyway. On our first night in Tulum, at dinner in Arca we didn’t bring enough cash and it was simply unpleasant as we though we couldn’t get the dishes we wanted from the menu as they were more expensive. We shared our discomfort with the waiter who said that we could cover the bill with card without problems.   
  • Tipping in Tulum is as high as in US- leave about 15% extra.
  • Bring lemongrass spray if you plan to dine in a restaurant with open space, as mosquitos can be quite annoying at night.

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