Hike Diyaluma Falls – 2nd Highest Waterfall in Sri Lanka

Hike Diyaluma Falls – 2nd Highest Waterfall in Sri Lanka

Diyaluma Falls is the 2nd biggest waterfall in Sri Lanka. If you crave adventures and always dreamed of swimming in a waterfall it’s a hike you must try during your travels around Sri Lanka. And this one is a special one! You’ll reach the top of the falls at a height of 220-meters. The views from up there are breathtaking. Additionally, there are multiple small falls and natural pools ideal for bathing. Read on to learn about the hike to the beautiful Diyaluma Falls in Sri Lanka.

How to get there

Diyaluma Falls are best reached as a day trip from Ella. You can arrange a taxi or tuk-tuk that will wait for you and after the adventure take you back to Ella, or you can opt for DIY as we did. 

We rented a scooter in Ella Town and drove to the bottom of the falls (as google maps indicate). We heard that driving a scooter in Sri Lanka can be challenging, but we had no difficulties at all. You must follow the basic security measures and make sure to keep on the side of the road when taking turns as the cars tend to “cut” them. Driving downhill from Ella was actually a real thrill and if you take care and don’t speed (which you shouldn’t anywhere in the world) you can safely reach Diyaluma Falls within an hour. 

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A full day scooter rent in Ella costs around 10 EUR and you can find rental shops everywhere on the main road of the town. 

TIP : Use google maps to save the location of the waterfall before the travel to make sure you don’t get lost if you loose reception on the way.

Start from the bottom

We arrived at Diyaluma Falls Bridge and proceeded to hike our way up from there. It’s about 40 minutes hike through high grass, passing though local houses and a small factory. 

The easiest way is to accept help of one of the locals that will guide you to the top of the falls for a small charge. However we will try to describe the path as clearly as possible if you want to go by yourself.

Leave the scooter at Diyaluma Falls Inn parking lot and cross the road towards a small path in front of the lot (the one in between 2 white painted rocks). From here walking up hill, you’ll make your way through rubber trees where latex is collected. After a small village sightly turn left. Finally, passing a tiny river, you will begin the real hike up. 

TIP : Wear comfortable shoes. This hike is not too hard, but we can’t imagine doing it in flip-flops.

Refresh & Relax in pools

Continue the path through high grass and soon you will see the upper part of the Diyaluma Falls. And what better than finishing your Diyaluma Falls hike with a nice bath ?

Plunge into the refreshing waters of the natural pools. You can even jump from a higher pool into the lower one! 

We relaxed in those pools for over an hour before putting our shoes back on and taking a little path on the left side of the waterfalls leading down. Be careful as some rocks can be slippery. 

To the top of the Diyaluma Falls

Just few minutes later you will reach the very edge of the 220m Diyaluma Falls. There are more pools you can bath in here. Its safe as each of the pools has a higher wall where the water is falling down. But caution is always advised. Remember this rule: if part of the rock is in a darker colour then it’s probably wet, thus slippery. Do not step on it and always check your stability before making the next step. Also do not come too close to the edge- there are no fences before the 220m drop.

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TIP : Pack enough water and take some snacks with you. Picnicking here is a great idea, specially as you can spend a whole day playing around the pools. Always remember to take everything back with you, including all the trash. 

When you are ready to leave, follow the same path you came from and don’t forget to take one last look at those amazing Diyaluma waterfalls!

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