Style Your Voyage – Jordan Edition

Style Your Voyage – Jordan Edition

Jordan is an amazing country with kind people, stunning natural sights and a World Wonder. It is also a Muslim county. Therefore, while preparing for the trip, you’ll need to think of appropriate styling that will fit the mood, the scenery and the traditions of the country. So with that goal in mind, I looked for longer dresses, shirts that cover the arms and long pants. Everything in light colours and natural fabrics like cotton or linen. And of course- comfortable shoes! Find inspiration for your own trip in this Style your Voyage blog post – Jordan Edition.

The flight

Even when the flight is not too long, I find it extremely important to dress comfortably, and yet I dislike wearing sweat pants outside of home. This is a personal choice but luckily, there are many stylish alternatives.

TIP : Those kind of pants will be perfect for any travels. I have a pair of long stripy pants, that I wear only for the flights, like this I am sure I will have something clean to wear for the return flight. 

Those kind of pants styled with simple shirt or t-shirt will look great and feel comfortable. 

The Dead Sea

On the Dead Sea, most likely you will be staying at a hotel and enjoying the beach and the hotel’s grounds and restaurants. 

You don’t have to worry about wearing a “burkini”, bikini at the beach or the pool are accepted. Hotels are kind of a “safe zone”. 

I recommend wearing a dark colour bikini (not one piece) for the beach, as you will cover your body with the mineral rich mud from Dead Sea and for sure you don’t want it to leave stains on a white cute piece and cover every single part of your skin- also your belly. 

I love swimwear from Livy Studio for the quality. 

Floating on the Dead Sea is effortless, relaxing, and great for the skin.

To walk to the beach, just put on a cute beach dress or a poncho  

Dinner at the hotel can be either casual or fancy. It’s the perfect opportunity to wear a long dress  


As in Petra there aren’t much hikes except for the stairs to the Monastery, you can choose to wear a long dress, or pants and shirt as I did. A must for this day is a hat to protect yourself from the strong sun, sunglasses and comfortable shoes. I suggest wearing covered shoes as there is a lot of sand on the road. I wore classic white converse and love them as they are comfortable and always look cool. Make sure your sunglasses not only look good, but also protect your eyes from uv rays.     

In front of the Treasury, Petra's iconic temple!

Wadi Rum

As much as long dresses will be comfortable in Petra, it won’t work for Wadi Rum. This is a place where you will hike mountains, climb a sand dune or walk around canyons, therefore comfort is the most crucial aspect. Choose white or light colour fabrics and breathable materials- it gets very hot during the day in the desert. Long pants and shirt that cover your shoulders will be the best choice. It will protect you from hot sand and sunburns. 

I would also recommend not overpaying for your Wadi Rum outfit, as by the end of the day it will be covered in red sand- not so easy to wash off.

To style up the look you can use a scarf wrapped around your head or a hat.      

Camel outfit

Remember that scene from “Sex and the city 2”, when the girlfriends had to change for the camel ride? I am sure thats how you imagine your outfit. Luckily, there are so many options that don’t cost a fortune! Not everybody is so lucky to receive fancy gifts from hotels like they did ?Aladin style pants and shirt will be perfect match.

Wadi Mujib

Hiking up the river in this 500 million year old canyon is a real thrill. As the water current can be strong, I advice you to wear a one piece swimsuit, so nothing slides away. ?

I ended up wearing Hamilton’s shorts on top of my one piece as I wasn’t sure if there are any requirements for woman’s wear. There aren’t. So as long as you feel comfortable- it will work.    

I hope this Style Your Voyage – Jordan Edition gave you all the inspiration you need to feel great during your trip. ?

The end of our Jordan trip, last view with the Dead Sea

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