15 Days in Thailand – the Complete Guide Covering the Country’s Highlights

15 Days in Thailand – the Complete Guide Covering the Country’s Highlights

Thailand is a destination that tempts visitors with its magical temples, tropical beaches, incredible wildlife & nature and one of the world’s best cuisine. It’s one of those places that has something for everyone, no matter if you want to go there to explore the cultural sites or relax at white sand beach. Thailand easily became one of traveler’s favourite country in Southeast Asia. It would take months to visit all the wonderful places it has to offer. Our Thailand guide will help you pick the best places for a 2 weeks long trip.

Day 1 of the Thailand Guide: Travels

Land in Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi International Airport receives flights from almost anywhere in the world. But don’t leave the airport! Instead, board a domestic flight straight to Chiang Rai, a jewel town in the Northern Thailand. Don’t worry: you’ll get to visit this awesome metropolis at the end of your trip!

Day 2: Chiang Rai

Wake up early and head to White Temple at it’s opening time 8AM to beat the crowds. Make sure to visit Blue Temple and the Dragon Temple before boarding afternoon bus to Chiang Mai.

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Day 3-5: Chiang Mai

Explore Thailand’s Northern capital- Chiang Mai. Wander in the Old Town, drive the Samoeng Loop, visit Doi Inthanon National Park and spend an incredible day with elephants at Elephant Nature Park.

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Day 6-8: Koh Tao

Arrive by plane to Koh Samui and board a ferry to guide you to the stunning island Koh Tao in the Gulf Coast of Thailand. Koh Tao is world famous for scuba diving! Discover it’s underwater world and explore the island by foot and scooter.

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Day 9: Phang Nga

Take a ferry from Koh Tao to Surat Thani. Then a bus to Phang Nga town. Ignore Mr. Kean that will approach you at the bus station. Ask your accommodation to organise a long tail boat for the following day. Spend the afternoon exploring the impressive area of Phang Nga.

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Day 10: Long Tail Boat Tour

Start your at at 7AM with a private long tail boat tour of Phang Nga Bay. Visit the famous James Bond Island, caves and mangroves. Stop for lunch at Panyi, a village built on water.

In the afternoon get on a bus or a minivan to Krabi. From Krabi Bus Terminal get on a jeepney to Ao Nang Beach.

Day 11-13: Krabi

Next in this Thailand guide: explore Krabi. Visit some of the stunning islands like famous Phi Phi Island and relax at Railey Beach. Hike to Dragon Crest and up to the Tiger Temple for impressive views of the area.

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Day 14-15

Arrive to Bangkok the previous night and start the day early by visiting The Grand Palace complex and Wat Pra Kaew to beat the crowds. During those 2 days explore many historical sites and eat some of the best Thai food. Did you know that there is a Micheline Star street chef in Bangkok?

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On the last day in the evening, board a plane back home.

Practical info


European and USA citizens traveling to Thailand for less than 30 days do not require a visa.

TIP : Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond of the entry date

Data Service

Getting a sim at the airport in Bangkok just upon arrival is a good idea.
We recommend AIS (BUDDY) who offers a 15 days unlimited data SIM CARD for 600 THB (17,7 EUR). The connection was amazing thought out our whole trip. We had perfect 4G even while on the boat in Phang Nga Bay.


By plane

Main Thai cities have international airports. From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang, flights reach the most popular & touristic destinations like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Krabi, Koh Samui or Phuket.

Plane tickets for domestic travels in Thailand on low budget airlines cost very little. You can get a ticket on Air Asia flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for as little as 20 EUR.

By bus

Thailand is well connected by bus. However, the country is big and most of the places require up to 10h travels. We recommend traveling by bus between cities that are close by and choose the plane for long distances.

Just don’t forget to pay the carbon foot print!

By ferry

Traveling by ferry is the best and sometimes the only way to get to some islands. Koh Tao or Phi Phi for example don’t have airports. Most ferries depart few times a day, tickets are fairly prices and trips are comfortable and don’t take too long.

By rented scooter

Without a doubt, it’s the best way to get around when based in one area. One day scooter rent costs as little as 200 THB (6EUR) and rental shops are almost on every corner.

Make sure to wear a helmet and have an International Driving Permit. Also, always check the scooter for existing scratches and point them out to the owner. Best take video or pictures as proof. Scooter scam is one of the most popular scams in Thailand. Tourists are charged big $$$ for minor scratches, some already preexistent.

Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine is some of the very best in the world and relies on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. The cooking varies on different parts of Thailand.

 Note : Chopsticks are used only to eat noodles. The rest of the dishes are eaten with a spoon and a fork (the fork is used only to push the food onto the spoon). 

Most Thai dishes are spiced with a lot of chilli peppers. If you do not like spicy food, request it before the order. Otherwise, after only one bite, you might be spitting fire. 

Thai food classics include Pad Thai (noodles with chicken or shrimp), Khao Pad (Fried Rice), Som Tam (papaya salad), Tom Yum (hot and sour soup), Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Coconut Soup) and Kai Med Ma Muang (Chicken with Cashew Nuts). Thai curries are made with coconut milk and identified by their colour. There are four main colours: green, red, yellow, and orange and the colour can tell you how hot they are (green the hottest, orange the mildest). We talk more about Thailand food in our Bangkok Guide.

Make sure to try our favorite Thai sweet delicacy: the Mango Sticky Rice ?


Everywhere in Thailand there are many accommodation choices. Hostels start at just a few euro for a bunk bed. You can find a room for 2 in a nice, small hotel for 30-50 EUR in most of the touristic destinations. Five stars options are also available and are more reachable than in other countries. Room prices start at less than 100 EUR for 2 people.

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