34 Pictures to Inspire You to Visit Milos Island – Greece

34 Pictures to Inspire You to Visit Milos Island – Greece

Milos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. In this article, we will show you the spectacular and unique places of Milos. While visiting this gorgeous destination, you can’t miss the moon landscape of Sarakiniko Beach and visit the colourful fishing villages of Klima, Firopotamos & Mandrakia. After that, watch the sunset from the rooftop of a church and wander the streets of Plaka. You can explore most of Milos island over 2-3 days, or even spend a full week exploring the most impressive parts of the island.

Sunset of Milos island


Firopotamos is a small fishing village composed of a beautiful church, few houses built on the port and some of the bluest waters we’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect place to relax for a couple of hours and train your jumps : there is a small platform just perfect for it. There’s also a cute sandy beach.


Klima is probably the most popular village in Milos. This colourful boat houses are the subjects of many pictures representing Milos. The village itself it’s indeed very beautiful and charming.

Note : There is a very good looking restaurant in Klima. However, we do not recommend it- the fish was frozen, quality & taste of our dishes was definitely not worth the exaggerated price.

the sea is touching the feet of houses of Klima, Milos island


The capital of Milos island has some of the most charming and beautiful streets we’ve seen. Filled with colourful flowers and lined with cute restaurants, it’s the perfect place for a lunch break.

TIP : Go all the way up where the road ends with your scooter (or car but you might have problem to park) this is where the old town is really the cutest!

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Sarakiniko Beach

We have to be honest : Sarakiniko was the main reason we came to Milos. Known as the Moon beach, the landscape indeed resembles the Moon and is well worth its hype and popularity. In fact, we loved swimming and hanging out here so much, that we stayed for nearly a full day even if we originally planned to stay for a couple of hours.


It’s the 3rd fisherman village in Milos we visited. It’s a perfect picture spot and truly a unique setting. The little bay with colourful boat hangers looks like a painting, not something existing in real life. But Mandrakia is here, inhabited by few families living peaceful and relaxing lives.

Plaka Castle (Venetian castle of Milos)

This is the best place on the island to view the sunset from. You surely will not be alone to witness the sun hiding behind the horizon, but it’s worth to climb the few hundred steps to experience this magical moment.

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