Winter Escape in Lanzarote – the Perfect 3 Days Itinerary

Winter Escape in Lanzarote – the Perfect 3 Days Itinerary

Lanzarote, a Spanish island located off the coast of West Africa, is a jewel in the Canary Islands. It’s a destination that combines the beauty of volcanic landscapes, forged by centuries of volcanic activity, with the tranquility of pristine beaches. Influenced by the visionary artist Cesar Manrique, the island is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and human creativity, featuring surreal lava fields, beautiful beaches, and architectural wonders that seamlessly integrate with the environment. Its mild winter climate makes it an ideal place for those seeking sunshine during the cold months. In this article, we share the perfect three days itinerary of Lanzarote for anyone wanting to escape winter.

Itinerary Day 1: Exploring the South of Lanzarote

Morning: Begin your Lanzarote adventure at Playa Papagayo, a series of stunning coves with crystal-clear waters and golden sands, offering a serene start to your trip. Continue to Playa Puerto Muelas, a less crowded spot perfect for a peaceful swim or sunbathing.

Lunch: After a morning by the sea, head to La Bodega de Santiago for lunch. This charming restaurant offers exquisite local dishes that will provide a flavorful insight into Lanzarote’s cuisine.

Afternoon: Post-lunch, explore La Geria, Lanzarote’s unique wine region. The landscape here, dotted with semi-circular volcanic rock walls protecting vineyards, is not only culturally enriching but visually stunning. Follow this with a hike to Caldera Blanca, offering panoramic views of the island’s volcanic terrain.

Evening: Conclude your day at the black sand beach Playa El Golfo, known for its striking green lagoon, Charco Verde. The contrast of the lagoon against the volcanic backdrop is breathtaking. For the more adventurous end of the day, hike to Playa del Paso. Here you’ll find secluded beauty, inaccessible by car.

Day 2: Cultural Deep Dive

Morning: Start with a visit to the Cesar Manrique Foundation, set in the artist’s uniquely designed home. The foundation offers insights into Manrique’s influence on Lanzarote’s architecture and landscape. Next, explore Museo Lagomar in Nazaret, a museum and architectural masterpiece carved into the volcanic rock. Drive to the historic town of Teguise to wander through its ancient streets. After that visit the exotic Cactus Garden, featuring over a 1000 species of cacti.

Lunch: Enjoy a late lunch at La Casa de la Playa, a beachside restaurant offering fresh seafood and stunning ocean views.

Afternoon: Head to Punta Mujeres, a coastal village known for its natural rock pools. Then, drive through Haria, the valley of a thousand palms, to reach Mirador de El Risco de Famara, offering breathtaking views. Here hike to Cueva De Los Verdes. Although be aware that it’s not an adventure for the faint-hearted. The views from the cave are impressive, but the access to the cave is challenging.

Evening: End your day at Playa de Famara, with its impressive cliffs and surf-worthy waves. Drive all the way to the end of the road. There will be less people here and you’ll be able to really enjoy the beauty of this beach (and maybe skinny-dip).

Day 3: Northern Adventures

Morning: Begin with a hike to Volcano La Corona, offering dramatic landscapes and a view into the volcanic power that shaped Lanzarote. Then, drive to Mirador del Río, a viewpoint designed by Cesar Manrique, providing spectacular views of the archipelago.

Midday: Visit Playa De Orzola, a serene white sand beach, ideal for relaxing and swimming in its calm waters.

Afternoon: Conclude your Lanzarote journey at Jameos del Agua, a unique attraction where art, nature, and architecture merge seamlessly. Created within a lava tube, it features a subterranean lake, a concert hall, and a restaurant, symbolizing Manrique’s vision of harmony between nature and human creativity.

Best time to visit

The island enjoys a mild, subtropical climate year-round, making it a great destination at any time. However, we consider Lanzarote- and any of the Canary Islands, a perfect destination for winter and spring months. In both winter and spring, the weather is warm enough for most outdoor activities. Even swimming might be appealing for some. Those months also bring less tourists, making the exploration much more enjoyable.

Getting around

Lanzarote is a small island, measuring only 60km long and 25km large. The best way to explore the island is by a car. Most popular car rental companies offer their services here. For our 3 day winter itinerary of Lanzarote, we rented with Sixt and payed 73 Eur.

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Where to stay

Thanks to the influence by the work of César Manrique, houses in Lanzarote emphasise harmony with the natural volcanic landscape. The houses reflecting the island’s cultural and environmental considerations are called fincas and are characterised by white walls, flat roofs and the use of local materials like volcanic stone. They make a perfect place to stay while escaping winter in Lanzarote with a help of our perfect three days itinerary.

Since the island is very small, you can base yourself for 3 days in one location in the central part of Lanzarote and venture on different adventures everyday.

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