Hike Little Adam’s Peak in Ella – Sri Lanka

Hike Little Adam’s Peak in Ella – Sri Lanka

Going for a hike at Little Adam’s Peak is the most popular thing to do in Ella. And for a good reason- the views are amazing, it’s the easiest hike in the area and anybody can do it. On the way up, you’ll walk next to small kids, young people as well as elders slowly making their way up the trail. The hike takes around 30 min depending on your hiking speed (and the amount of times you stop to take pictures ?). It is also safe to do during the rain as the path is neither too steep nor slippery.

Hike up to Little Adam’s Peak

The hike starts at Ella Flower Garden Resort. To get here from Ella town you can either walk for 30 min, take a tuk-tuk or arrive by a scooter (which you should park here).

TIP : If you hike on a cloudy day, there is a big chance that the top of the peak you will find yourself in the clouds!

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Once you get off the main road, the trail passes through a beautiful tea plantations. You can see women picking up tea leaves and placing them in the baskets attached to their heads. There might be also few cows randomly passing the trail and roaming in between the tea bushes. 

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After another few minutes you will reach a stairway leading up to the first view point. The trail is marked all the way up and the path is well maintained. 

There is a golden Buddha statue on the first view point where locals leave offerings.

Although you can finish your hike here, we highly recommend you to continue the path past the Buddha statue and hike the highest elevated mountain on this path. There you will reach the most beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. 

TIP : For a better pictures walk a bit further on the trail. The narrow path continues up and down the hills. After only a few minutes you will have those amazing views all to yourself . 

On the way back after walking down the stairway turn right and follow the signs leading to 98 Acres Resort and Spa. Stop here for breakfast or lunch and enjoy delicious local food with astonishing views all around. 

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