Relax at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

Relax at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

Cradle National Park is a place of exceptional natural beauty in the heart of incredible Tasmania. It’s a must stop during your Tasmania Road Trip. Visiting the park guarantees impressive hikes, amazing views and beautiful wildlife. It would be a shame to experience it all only during a one day visit. Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge welcomes you at the entry gate to Tasmania’s most beautiful park, giving you once-in-a-life- time possibility to submerge yourself in the wilderness from a luxurious perspective. The perfect way to enjoy Cradle Mountain and its fantastic hikes.

The Grounds

The Lodge is perfectly located, just 3 minutes walking from the entry gate to the Cradles National Park: just as far as you can go by car. The grounds are beautiful. Wooden pathways lead from the rooms to the main lodge where the restaurants and the SPA are located. Wallabies and cute wombats can be seen wandering the grounds. They are very cute and harmless, needless to worry.

The Enchanted Forest

Located at the edge of hotels grounds is a beautiful 20 minutes walk through a wild forest. As the name says, stepping into it feels like being teleported to a fairytale. Walking on the enchanted paths, surrounded by beautiful nature and watching wallabies hop around is truly a magical experience.

The King Billy Suite

The highlight of you stay in Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge will be nothing else but a night (or many) in the luxurious, warm and cosy King Billy Suite. Pour yourself a glass of red (complimentary) as you enter the spacious room. Everything you might need is right here. Big bathroom with tub and shower, soft and inviting bed, a fireplace you can lit up on a cold, winter night while playing backgammon or chess right by the fire. Step out onto the big terrace and jump into the jacuzzi, ready and tempting.

Sink in the total quietness and relax, sip wine in the hot tub and watch wombats & wallabies sniffing around the grass just a meter from you.

What could be a better experience than this?

Hike the Cradle National Park

Going to Cradle Mountain without experiencing some of its hikes would be a pity. Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is a perfect base to explore the Nation Park. There are some hikes for all levels and ambitions, from a flat 2h walk around Dove Lake to a more challenging hike up Marion’s Lookout, 3h return with a steep rocky scramble finish before the top. To find out more about the hikes and trails to take:

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