Love Valley – Best for Sunset and Sunrise in Cappadocia

Love Valley – Best for Sunset and Sunrise in Cappadocia

Love Valley is one of the most popular places to visit while in Cappadocia. The world-famous interestingly shaped rock formations attract tourists. It’s also a location from where hot air balloons take off each and every morning. In the evenings the landscape glows reflecting the colours of the setting sun, making it also one of the most popular sunset locations. On the hill there are few cafes and a cute swing. Even if we though that the sunset was not comparable to the Red Valley Sunset Spot, it’s still a breathtaking location. Read on to find out everything you need to know if you want to watch the sunset or sunrise over Love Valley.

Love Valley Sunset Viewpoint

If you put in google maps ‘love valley’, it will point you to the exact location of the viewpoint. It’s located around 3 km from Göreme. You can choose to either walk there (it will take around 1h) or take a taxi. On our first night we chose the second option. The taxi ride took less than 10 min and costed 25 TRY (3.8 EUR).

The driver dropped us off at the cafe with the swing. Martyna couldn’t stop herself and hoped on for few pictures ?

To get away from the crowds, we walked along the cliff and soon were alone. There were cars parked further, many people at cafe, we places ourselves somewhere in the middle.

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After a little photoshoot, we flew the drone. We are not sure if it’s because of October sun, but the valley below was not as impressive from this perspective a we heard. Most of the site was already in covered by the shadow. Nevertheless, the sunset lights over the Love Valley were truly magical.

TIP : Ask the taxi driver to wait for you. Or try to get a ride immediately from the parking spot at the viewpoint. We didn’t do either and ended up walking all the way back in the dark. We hoped that a car will stop by itself to give us a ride, but we learned that it’s not how it works. If you want a ride, you have to hold a hand out. But usually, already the first car stops.

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Discover the Love Valley for sunrise

We visited Love Valley at sunrise only during our hot air balloon flight. If there is one thing we regret not doing, it’s this! We wish we came back to the site to watch from the ground hundreds of balloons taking off.

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Nevertheless, even that one morning experience was magical. Make sure to visit the Love Vally at sunrise when you are in Cappadocia.

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