The Ultimate Guide to Experience Venice

The Ultimate Guide to Experience Venice

The romantic city of Venice is full of attractions, charming sites and monuments with authentic delicious food.  You could stay one day or a full week, there are still a few things you should know to fully experience this beautiful city. Read this guide and you’ll be sure to enjoy Venice at its fullest potential.

Here are few things that you should not miss out while visiting Venice.

The “Ponte di Rialto” Bridge

Visit Ponte di Rialto, the oldest bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice. Take in the unique atmosphere of this place, but don’t be surprised to see the bridge full of people- its one of the most visited places in Venice.

Get Lost in Narrow Streets

Let’s face it, at one point during your visit, you will probably get lost! Maps don’t really work well in Venice. But do not stress! Instead, take this great opportunity to discover the real Venice- pass through tiny streets, countless bridges and canals. Observe locals having their espressos at the counter of a cafe and gesticulate lively with the barista. It’s nothing but true, Italian language is spoken with hands more than words.

TIP : If you don’t want to overpay for your coffee, order it at the counter standing up, instead of at the table. The standard espresso price is regulated by the government and varies from 80 cents to 1 euro anywhere in Italy- if the cafe still asks you for more- the extra cost is only service.

Eat great Venezian food…

No Venice or Italian guide would be finished without talking about food. Experience the best pasta plate at one of many small restaurants far away from the touristic centre. The restaurants on the Grand Canal serve overpriced, mediocre food. If you want the real Italian experience, have lunch at Trattoria Antiche Carampane where fresh seafood is served or Osteria Bakán that serves homemade pasta. 

… and enjoy a bottle of proseco. ?

Enjoy an Italian aperitivo with a glass (or bottle) of the best Italian wine and some of the best venetian food at Estro- Vino e Cucina. This small restaurant has great vine selection and very charming atmosphere.

Have a look at Saint Mark’s Square

Have a spin on Saint Mark’s square- one of the most unique places in the world and location of some of the most important venetian sights- St. Mark’s Basilica, San Marco Campanille, Palazzo Ducale and the Bridge of Sighs.

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Spinning on St Mark Square

Cruise through the canals of Venice

Ride a gondola! This unique and romantic way to see Venice is the most desired by tourists. Gondola ride is very expensive, therefor you should consider one factor- if the price bothers you, then don’t do it- take a vaporetto instead. If you’re fine with paying the high price and consider it once-a-life-time experience, then forget about the money and enjoy. In any case, know that the price is set throughout the city so there is no point looking for cheaper- we checked ourselves. It’s 80 EUR for a 40 minutes ride that takes you through out the small canals and 120 EUR for a 1h ride passing all the way to the Grand Canal and back. 

Ride a vaporetto on Grand Canale. For just few euros you can cruise the largest canal in Venice and see the city for the water perspective. It’s a great alternative to gondola ride for those traveling on a budget.

Have a break, have a gelato ?

You walk a lot in Venice, so take a break from sightseeing for a well deserved gelato at Gelatoteca Suso– one of the best gelaterias in Venice. 

Enjoy a nice the sunset

Watch the sunset along the canals, sitting on one of the piers and sinking in the atmosphere of the city. Saint Mark’s Square is a good spot but you could also try one of those spots:

Venice is a real special italian experience

How long to stay in Venice?

One full day is sufficient to see most of the main sites and experience the city. You can arrive with the fast speed train from Milan or Rome in the morning and continue the road in the evening.

Otherwise spending a night or two in one of the most romantic cities in the world is also a great idea!

When is best to visit Venice?

Definitely in the spring, when the weather starts to be pleasant, but the city is not in high season yet. Ideally from end of March to early May.

Note : Venice as one of the most visited places in the world can be expensive. Not to crash your budget on this trip, remember few things:

  • Always take your coffee at the counter at the bar, paying only 1 euro. A single espresso in cafes on Saint Marc’s square will cost 8-10 euros, if you sit at a table.
  • Don’t eat at the overpriced and not very authentic restaurants by Grand Canal. Find small trattoria where the locals eat- the food will be much better- for taste and your wallet.
  • A gondola ride is very expensive even if prices are fixed. Take a vaporetto on the Grand Canale instead. It’s an amazing alternative to see the city from a water perspective.

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